About Us

We at Perfect Alternatives have an innovative approach to our customers by helping them make an educated decision that can make a real impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. From day one, we have stressed the need for empathy, respect, and optimism to you and your families.  In 2013 we introduced ourselves to the Electronic Cigarette market. And since that time we have helped to guide so many adult smokers make the switch to this “alternative”… proof that our approach has, and will continue to show great promise for years to come. But we also face some major challenges and complications, including the fact that our product has become popular among teens.  Let me be clear: we DO NOT want teens or any other non-smokers to ever use our product. I'm not only a Perfect Alternatives employee, but more importantly, I am a parent. I never want my child to try ANY electronic OR traditional cigarette. The product was designed with adult smokers in mind and their need to break the grip of cigarette dependency.  We are committed to doing more as a company in partnership with lawmakers, the FDA, social media firms, e-commerce marketplaces,and law enforcement agencies.  PA will be dedicated to independent research, youth and parent education, and community engagement as much as possible as long as we are in business… which we plan to be here a VERY long time. Underage use is never acceptable. However, neither is it acceptable for us at Perfect Alternatives to not fully commit ourselves to help any person who comes to us looking to make a lifestyle change to better themselves.
As the industry comes of age and is more widely accepted, and as more and more studies come to light, we will always stay on the cutting edge of unbiased information and education.  We started this company in the like mind that we wanted to offer a solution to an industry that didn’t have very much notoriety. There are a lot of companies out there that do the same, but we have always prided ourselves by being different, as well as not limiting our base by focusing on certain lifestyles, age, race, or creed.  Our stores, as well as our site, are geared toward ALL walks of life.  We feel that individuality is KEY to a prosperous business, as well as a more accepted approach to what we specialize in.
Perfect Alternatives also is very proud to say that we are reaching into new and innovative products that are proven to provide our customers with an “alternative” to better themselves physically and mentally. We Here at PA have done extensive research as well as vetted our product manufacturers very thoroughly to ensure that what we do carry is completely legal, professional, and scientifically sound.  So please rest assured that when we bring in a product you can feel safe that not only is it compliant, but it is also a safe and clean product that focuses on healing, pain reduction, and a sound mind.  The studies compiled for this product are ASTOUNDING!  It is helping people in so many ways that we as a company, felt was a PERFECT fit for our morals and beliefs.
When we first sought out to help people by providing them with new and innovative options for their lives, we promised to always keep that at the core of our hearts.  So, when new and exciting products come along with a proven track record that aligns with our goals as a business, we will always be front and center with everything you need to make an informative decision.  That is why we are here.  It's been an amazing ride…. And we will continue to be here for you as long as you need us.
We would like to thank you for being a part of our journey.  Without you, there is no us.  So thanks again.
Tim Roberts and the PA Crew